• Join other selected brands and makers ready to accelerate their digital growth

  • Access to a Shopify Growth Strategist

  • Exclusive, on demand education programming from S4S (Shopify for Startups)

  • 6 months free Shopify Advanced

  • Office hours and F&B centric programming from Foodboro

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About the cohort...
In 2020 the Foodboro group that became part of Shopify for Startups (S4S) grew their average GMV from $20k monthly to $100k monthly. Amazing!

In 2021 we are putting together a cohort focused on accelerating digital growth who will go through the program together.

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When will I know if my company has been selected?
We will aim to get back to everyone by early February.

How long does the cohort last?
6 months.

What are the necessary qualifications?
+Your company should be ready to grow digitally.
+Your company should have measurable monthly revenues.
+The digital side of your business should be less than 5 years old.
+Your company must not have been previously granted Shopify perks via S4S.

What if we already use Shopify?
No worries. Being new to Shopify is not at all a prerequisite, as a matter of fact, we think it will help considerably if your company is already using, and or familiar with Shopify for selling D2C.

Do we need to be Foodboro Members to apply?
Not to apply, however if accepted and you choose be a part of the cohort, we ask that you become Foodboro Members so we can continue to create insights and opportunities for the F&B ecosystem in the future.

"Foodboro has connected us to a wonderful community of emerging food and beverage brands and opened a direct line to the Shopify early stage team."
Ori Zohar :: Burlap & Barrel

Thanks to Shopify for being an amazing partner.

Thank You!